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Phelps Memorial Health Center Employee to Take Advantage of Down Payment Assistance at Lincoln Place

posted: Feb 21, 2012

February 21, 2012 – The Holdrege Development Board met Tuesday to determine whether another applicant would be approved for down payment assistance to live in Lincoln Place, Holdrege’s newest neighborhood. The Board voted unanimously to approve Evelyn Denton as the next recipient of the $25,000. This isn’t the only assistance Ms. Denton was able to take advantage of in securing her new home in Lincoln Place. Phelps Memorial Health Center is a participating employer in the program and has awarded $5,000 in additional funding. “Not many people are aware that Allmand Brothers and Phelps Memorial Health Center are participants in the down payment assistance program,” said Amber Lewis, Executive Director of the HDC. Both employers offer $5,000 to their employees as a key part of the program. Ms. Denton is the first to take advantage of the employee program. “Both awards were absolutely instrumental in helping Ms. Denton into her new home. I hope the word will get around that funding is available to help people live in Lincoln Place.”

Down Payment Assistance is available for income-eligible individuals and families who buy and build at Lincoln Place. Annual gross income limits are: family of 1, $42,700; family of 2, $48,800; family of 3, $54,900; family of 4, $60,900; family of 5, $65,800. Lincoln Place is funded in part by a grant from the New Neighborhoods Initiative of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. Down payment assistance programs are also available for employees of Allmand Brothers and the Phelps Memorial Health Center.

Lots are still available at Lincoln Place. Lot sizes vary from under 6,300 square feet to almost 11,000 square feet and prices range from $10,000 to $16,000. Amenities include a greenbelt to the east which will have a walk/bike path connecting the neighborhood to the Holdrege Middle School campus and North Park. Full information on available lots, sizes and prices is available on the website at For more information, contact Amber Lewis, Executive Director at 308-995-8733,, or stop into the Holdrege Housing office at 1422 12th Avenue. 

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